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Genealogical Research in Census and Military Records: Census Enumerations

Census enumerations, military records and pension files, etc.

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Digital images or transcriptions of U.S. Federal Census.

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1940 U.S. Federal Census!!!

2 April 2012! 

That's the day that the 1940 U.S. Federal Census enumeration images will be release digitally (i.e., on the computer only) to the public!  What a great day to be a genealogist. 

The links below will help you begin to prepare for this great event!

What's at the Library

New Jersey State Census


From 1855 to 1915, the State of New Jersey undertook a statewide population enumeration in ten-year intervals on the “fives.” These statewide census supplemented the U.S. Federal census enumerations which were done at the change of the decades. There is little indexing of the NJ State census at this time.

NJ State enumerations for Burlington County only exist for the following years: 1865 (incomplete), 1885, 1895, 1905, and 1915. There are no known copies of the Burlington County enumeration for the years 1855 and 1875.

Burlington County Library Headquarters owns the following State Census on microfilm:

The the Burlington County Historical Society Library, Gloucester County Historical Society Library, and New Jersey State Archives also hold the NJ State Census on microfilm.

The NJ State Archives holds the original manuscripts of most of the NJ state enumerations and the microfilm of all the NJ state censuses.

Contact these libraries for the availability of specific years and counties.

Other Non-Federal Enumerations


Census of Northampton, Burlington County, 1709
R NJ 312 Cen

New Jersey 1793 Militia Enrollment
MICROFILM (1 reel) of original, handwritten records. This work is an enumeration of those “able-bodied” males between ages of 18-45 who were eligible for military service. Includes a listing of individuals who “bought out of the service” for $3.00 per year. Not cataloged.

New Jersey in 1793
An abstract and index to the 1793 Militia census of the state of New Jersey (see description above).

Revolutionary Census of New Jersey 1773-1778
Index to a transcription of tax records originally published in various volumes of the Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey.


U.S. Federal Census


1790–1820 Federal Censuses

There are no known existing copies of the 1790-1820 Federal census enumerations for the state of New Jersey.

The single exception is the 1800 Federal Census for Cumberland County which is only available at the New Jersey State Archives.

1830 Federal Census
BCL holds 1830 Census for Burlington and Monmouth Counties on microfilm.

1840 Federal Census
BCL holds 1840 Census for Atlantic through Essex Counties on microfilm.

1850 Federal Census
BCL holds 1850 Census for all New Jersey Counties on microfilm.

1850 Federal Census -- Slave Schedule
BCL holds 1850 Slave Schedule for all New Jersey Counties on microfilm. Slaves were enumerated separately during the 1850 and 1860 censuses. The name of the slave owner was recorded with slaves who were most frequently identified by a number, their age, gender, and race. On occasion, an enumerator listed the given names of slaves, particularly those over 100 years of age. Other questions included on these schedules are: whether slave was a fugitive; number of manumitted individuals; whether deaf and dumb, blind, insane, or idiotic; and number of slave houses.

1850 Federal Census – Agricultural Schedule
BCL holds 1850 Agricultural schedules for the following counties: Atlantic, Bergen, Burlington, Camden, Cape May, Cumberland, Essex, Gloucester, Hudson, Hunterdon, and Mercer on microfilm. Agricultural schedules of 1850, 1860, and 1870 recorded the following information for each farm: name of owner/manager, number of acres, cash value of the farm, farming machinery, livestock (horses, "milch cows," sheep, swine, etc.), animals slaughtered during the past year, "homemade manufactures," the amount and type of farm product (e.g., grains, rice, tobacco, cotton, potatoes, orchard and dairy products, wine, molasses, etc.) produced during the preceding year. In 1850 small farms that produced less than $100 worth of products annually were not included.

1850 Federal Census – Mortality Schedules
BCL holds 1850-1880 Mortality schedules for New Jersey on microfilm.
Mortality Schedules were taken at the same time as the Federal census during the years 1850-1880 and list persons who died between June 1st and May 31st of the year prior to the census year. For each person, the following information is listed: name, age, gender, marital status, state or country of birth, month of death, occupation, cause of death, and the length of the final illness.

1860 Federal Census
BCL holds 1860 Census on microfilm for Atlantic through part of Camden counties on microfilm.

1860 Federal Census – Agricultural Schedule for entire state of New Jersey (see description above)

1860 Federal Census – Mortality Schedules for entire state of New Jersey (see description above)

1870 Federal Census
BCL holds 1870 Census for Atlantic to Essex counties on microfilm.

1870 Federal Census – Agricultural Schedule for entire state of New Jersey (see description above)

1870 Federal Census – Mortality Schedules for entire state of New Jersey (see description above)

1880 Federal Census
BCL holds 1880 census for Burlington, part of Camden, Middlesex, Monmouth, and Morris counties on microfilm.

1890 Federal Census
Only Hudson County and Jersey City exist for the 1890 Federal Census; however, BCL does not have holdings. Microfilm copy of remnant available at the New Jersey State Archives

1890 Civil War Veterans Federal Census
BCL holds 1890 “Union Veterans & Widows of Union Veterans of the Civil War” enumeration for the Southern New Jersey counties: Atlantic, Burlington, Camden, Cape May, Cumberland, Gloucester, Monmouth, Ocean, & Salem on microfilm.

1900 Federal Census
BCL holds 1900 Census for Atlantic through Essex counties on microfilm.

1910 Federal Census
BCL holds 1910 Census for Burlington County and a small part of Camden County on microfilm.

1920 Federal Census
BCL holds 1920 Census for Burlington County and a small part of Bergen County on microfilm.

1930 Federal Census
BCL holds complete 1930 Census for Burlington, Atlantic, part of Bergen, Ocean, and part of Passaic counties on microfilm.



Individual records from the Federal population census are confidential for 72 years, by law (Title 44, US Code).

The 1940 US Census will be released to the public in April 2012.

More information on the 1940 Federal Census can be found on the U.S. National Archives website for the 1940 Census.

Additional Resources


If you wish to access microfilm of U.S. Federal Census other than the years and counties held by BCLS, Gloucester County Historical Society Library, New Jersey State Archives, and the National Archives Mid-Atlantic Federal Records Center in Philadelphia also hold the U.S. Federal Census microfilm. Check with each library for specific years, counties, and states.

Alternately, you can access digital images via Ancestry Library Edition (in library use only).

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